Pentandria Botanical Jigsaw

ITEM CODE: 22116
New York Botanical Garden
With exquisite studies of primulas, lysimachia, cyclamen and gentian: reproducing Swiss scientist Johannes Gessner’s (1709-90) taxonomical illus...
New York Botanical Garden
With exquisite studies of primulas, lysimachia, cyclamen and gentian: reproducing Swiss scientist Johannes Gessner’s (1709-90) taxonomical illustration of ‘Pentandria’, a class of plant within the Linnaean system characterised by five stamens. From a plate illustrating ‘Tabulae Phytographicae’, published 1795-1804, in the collection of the New York Botanical Garden's Mertz Library.
Size & Additional Information
51 x 73.5cm constructed
1000 pieces, printed board
Does not include an image guide sheet
33 x 25.5 x 5cm box
Age 12+
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Overall product rating 4.8/5
By Miss Hilary Down
18 January 2022
Service Rating:
I had bought this beautiful jigsawca few months earlier and I had struggled to do it due to my sight, but when I had done it I took a photo of it, I then leant it to someone that would unknown to me would keep it and state I had given it to her when I hadcnot. I alsocleant her another one, by the time Xmas had come round again, I new this jigsaw was at her home, I had asked the boys in blue to fetch it for me, but they didn't do it, I lost this one and I set out to replace it along with the other. But then when I went up stairs the other one was sitting in my back bedroom while this one was still nowhere to be seen, socim pleased I've replaced it, asvi can redo when I'm truly free from all this heartache. As to this sight they were truly understanding, and my jigsaw was replaced in no time at all. I couldn't have been happier.
13 December 2021
Service Rating:
Interesting puzzle. Looks difficult and challenging
30 November 2021
Service Rating:
Everyone at home likes the design
By Mrs Ann Krolzig
16 October 2021
Service Rating:
Good product, great service.
By Mrs Vanessa Robinson
28 September 2021
Service Rating:
Looks a present for Christmas
By Mr richard williams
27 September 2021
Service Rating:
Seems good but not used yet
13 June 2021
Service Rating:
This was bought as a present for a friend who is a garden fanatic and loves jigsaws. Was 'Out of Stock' when I last wanted to order.
14 April 2021
Service Rating:
All items lovely and of good quality
By Mrs Bronwen Dodd
13 April 2021
Kingstone, Staffordshire
Service Rating:
Most attractive puzzle. Would have appreciated a copy of the picture larger than that on the lid, maybe printed on a folded sheet inside the box. The print in the picture is so small that it is, frustratingly, little help without a magnifying glass!!
By Mrs Christine Lock
03 March 2021
Service Rating:
A beautiful and interesting puzzle to do