Luxury Cherry & Almond Cake

ITEM CODE: 16838
Delicious fruit-rich cherry and almond cake presented in a metal loaf tin decorated with rustic plants and berries. Cartwright & Butler are based in Yorkshire and have been serving...
Delicious fruit-rich cherry and almond cake presented in a metal loaf tin decorated with rustic plants and berries. Cartwright & Butler are based in Yorkshire and have been serving traditional teatime treats for more than 115 years, and it remains a family business with a passion for food. Serve this Luxury Cherry & Almond Cake for dessert, or for an added treat, eat as a tea loaf spread with butter. This rich fruit cake is made with generous helpings of Cherry & Almond and is the ideal way to finish off a meal. Re-use the tin afterwards to make any cakes or biscuits last longer.
Size & Additional Information
Tin 7 x 15 x 9cm
Contains wheat (gluten), nuts (almonds), egg, milk and sulphites
May contain other nuts and soya
Suitable for vegetarians; not suitable for vegans
Made in Britain
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Overall product rating 4.5/5
07 April 2021
Service Rating:
Make one for Christmas please bit bigger.
05 April 2021
Service Rating:
Looked great on screen and there were several different combinations from which to choose. Arrived in good time and good order.
Cannot offer comment on taste as this was given as a present.
26 March 2021
Service Rating:
Items bought as Easter treat for friend. I am sure she will love it.
16 March 2021
Service Rating:
Very expensive for what it is. Much smaller than expected for the price. I wouldn't mind if it was even nice, but it was awful. Very dry and stale tasting. The date on it was November 2021 and as it was eaten beginning of March, I certainly wouldn't want to know what it tasted like a week before the best before date! It has put me off buying anymore of these cakes - certainly glad I didn't take advantage of the "2 for" offer. Only good thing is that the tin is nice and should have a future use. Disappointing for this brand as all their biscuits have always been excellent.
12 January 2021
Service Rating:
Quality of cards is always excellent, and decorations, gifts are always different from what one finds elsewhere.
08 January 2021
Service Rating:
Just the stuff for a growing boy at Christmas!!