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Duck Planter Duck Planter In stock £16.99
Ceramic Maple Leaf Wind Chime NEWICON Ceramic Maple Leaf Wind Chime In stock £17.99
Hedgehog Planter NEWICON Hedgehog Planter In stock £24.99
Set 3 Ceramic Mushrooms Set 3 Ceramic Mushrooms In stock £14.99
Set of 2 Bats Set of 2 Bats In stock £33.99
Hanging Open-Wing Bat Hanging Open-Wing Bat In stock £18.99
Chatting Mice Chatting Mice In stock £9.99
Handmade Metal Poppy Handmade Metal Poppy Pre-Order £12.99
Set of 2 Nouveau Butterflies Set of 2 Nouveau Butterflies In stock £18.99
Spiral Solar LED Lantern Spiral Solar LED Lantern Pre-Order £24.99
Wisteria Door Mat Wisteria Door Mat   Last few remaining £14.99
Moon-Gazing Hare BRITAIN Moon-Gazing Hare   Last few remaining £24.99
Gazing Frog Gazing Frog In stock £19.99
Happiness Plaque BRITAIN Happiness Plaque Pre-Order £14.99
Fuchsia Wind Chime Fuchsia Wind Chime In stock £19.99
Pair of Sparrows Pair of Sparrows In stock £12.99
Hanging Closed-Wing Bat Hanging Closed-Wing Bat In stock £16.99
Greenwich Clock Greenwich Clock Pre-Order £24.99
Tree of Life Wall Art Tree of Life Wall Art In stock £39.99
Plant Watering Globes Plant Watering Globes In stock £14.99
Pair of Hoffman Hedgehogs Pair of Hoffman Hedgehogs In stock £17.99
Willow Hedgehog Home Willow Hedgehog Home In stock £24.99
Skeleton Clock Skeleton Clock Pre-Order £39.99
Forget-Me-Not Tile BRITAIN Forget-Me-Not Tile Pre-Order £19.99
Sussex Pig Sussex Pig In stock £37.99
Set of 3 Garden Statues BRITAIN Set of 3 Garden Statues Pre-Order £85.00
Duck Doorstop Duck Doorstop Pre-Order £32.99
Armillary Sundial Armillary Sundial Pre-Order £39.99
Gothic Arch Mirror Gothic Arch Mirror In stock £70.00
Garden Cat Garden Cat In stock £39.99
Stork Sculpture Stork Sculpture Pre-Order £45.00
Kingfisher Ornament Kingfisher Ornament Pre-Order £55.00
Garden Mirror Garden Mirror   Last few remaining £90.00
Millefleurs Rabbit Millefleurs Rabbit In stock £14.99
Pheasant Doormat Pheasant Doormat Pre-Order £14.99
Yellow Nouveau Butterfly Yellow Nouveau Butterfly In stock £9.99
Millefleurs Hare Millefleurs Hare In stock £14.99
Millefleurs Squirrel Millefleurs Squirrel In stock £14.99
Art Nouveau Bluebell Art Nouveau Bluebell In stock £29.99
Muromachi Sculpture Muromachi Sculpture In stock £47.99
Reflecting Peacock Ornament Reflecting Peacock Ornament In stock £65.00
Blue Nouveau Butterfly Blue Nouveau Butterfly In stock £9.99
Art Nouveau Foxglove Art Nouveau Foxglove In stock £29.99
Art Nouveau Pansy Art Nouveau Pansy In stock £29.99
Ratty Ornament BRITAIN Ratty Ornament Pre-Order £29.99
Toad on the Road BRITAIN Toad on the Road In stock £29.99
Purple Gazing Globe Purple Gazing Globe In stock £37.99
Green Gazing Globe Green Gazing Globe Pre-Order £45.00