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Mouse with Daisy Ornament Mouse with Daisy Ornament In stock £32.99
Oriental Cranes Sculpture Oriental Cranes Sculpture In stock £68.00
Brambling Bone China Paperweight Brambling Bone China Paperweight In stock £130.00
Hanging Egg Decorations Hanging Egg Decorations   Last few remaining £5.99
18th-Century Heart Box BRITAIN 18th-Century Heart Box In stock £16.99
Hand-Carved Chick Netsuke Hand-Carved Chick Netsuke In stock £24.99
Mackintosh Leaded Mirror BRITAIN Mackintosh Leaded Mirror In stock £39.99
Glass Bird Decoration ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Glass Bird Decoration   Last few remaining £5.99
Fox Hanging Decoration Fox Hanging Decoration In stock £6.99
Pair Hanging Owl Decorations Pair Hanging Owl Decorations   Last few remaining £6.99
Hedgehog Hanging Decoration Hedgehog Hanging Decoration Pre-Order £7.99
Holly Angel Tree Decoration Holly Angel Tree Decoration In stock £7.99
Christmas Gifting Bauble Christmas Gifting Bauble Pre-Order £9.99
Deco LED Torches Deco LED Torches In stock £9.99
Set of 2 Painted Floral Easter Eggs Set of 2 Painted Floral Easter Eggs In stock £9.99
Snowdrop Candle Snowdrop Candle In stock £9.99
Art Deco Star LED Tree Topper Art Deco Star LED Tree Topper Pre-Order £10.99
3 Poinsettia Decorations 3 Poinsettia Decorations In stock £12.99
Redouté Rose Scented Candle Redouté Rose Scented Candle   Last few remaining £12.99
Snow-Tipped Pinecone Hanging Snow-Tipped Pinecone Hanging In stock £12.99
12 Harlequin Christmas Baubles 12 Harlequin Christmas Baubles In stock £14.99
6 Glass Acorn Tree Decoration 6 Glass Acorn Tree Decoration Pre-Order £14.99
Robin Tree Decorations Robin Tree Decorations   Last few remaining £14.99
3 Lavender Hangers 3 Lavender Hangers Pre-Order £15.99
Berry Branch LED Garland Berry Branch LED Garland   Last few remaining £17.99
Set of 6 Glass Bird Decorations Set of 6 Glass Bird Decorations In stock £17.99
6 Greiner Glass Decorations 6 Greiner Glass Decorations Pre-Order £19.99
6 Peacock Glass Decorations 6 Peacock Glass Decorations In stock £19.99
Sitting Man Sculpture Sitting Man Sculpture Pre-Order £19.99
Velvet Foot Warmer Velvet Foot Warmer Pre-Order £19.99
Campanula Enamel Photo Frame Campanula Enamel Photo Frame Pre-Order £22.99
Naval Book Box Naval Book Box In stock £22.99
Nutcracker Decorations Nutcracker Decorations   Last few remaining £22.99
6 Romanov Glass Decorations 6 Romanov Glass Decorations Pre-Order £24.99
Hand-Carved Ox Netsuke Hand-Carved Ox Netsuke In stock £24.99
Hedgehog on an Apple Ornament BRITAIN Hedgehog on an Apple Ornament In stock £24.99
Trio of Strawberry Canisters BRITAIN Trio of Strawberry Canisters In stock £24.99
Hand-Carved Elephant Netsuke Hand-Carved Elephant Netsuke In stock £27.99
St Petersburg Clock St Petersburg Clock In stock £29.99
Forsythia Tree Decoration Forsythia Tree Decoration   Last few remaining £32.99
Limestone Goniatite Box Limestone Goniatite Box Pre-Order £32.99
10 Balancing LED Christmas Candles 10 Balancing LED Christmas Candles Pre-Order £34.99
Beswick Hare Ornament Beswick Hare Ornament In stock £34.99
LED Berry Mantlepiece Decoration LED Berry Mantlepiece Decoration Pre-Order £34.99
Musical Ensemble Sculpture Musical Ensemble Sculpture Pre-Order £34.99
Swan Bone China Clock Box BRITAIN Swan Bone China Clock Box In stock £39.99
Seiffen Wooden Lantern Decoration Seiffen Wooden Lantern Decoration   Last few remaining £42.99
Faux Wildflower Wreath Faux Wildflower Wreath   Last few remaining £47.99