Corde du Roi Dress

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Cotton corduroy dress with pretty, floral embroidery inspired by a 19th-century smock, with pin-tucked details and buttoned to the waist. The term ‘corduroy’ was first coined in th...
Cotton corduroy dress with pretty, floral embroidery inspired by a 19th-century smock, with pin-tucked details and buttoned to the waist. The term ‘corduroy’ was first coined in the 18th century and is widely believed to have been derived from the French translation ‘corde du roi’, ‘the cord of the king’. Corduroy evolved from the ancient cotton weave known as ‘fustian’. This manufactured textile existed for thousands of years before it came to acquire the name of corduroy, and expensive fustian (corduroy) textiles were worn by King Henry VIII in the 16th century.

Made exclusively for Museum Selection.
Size & Additional Information
Colour: Green
121cm long
Buttoned to the Waist
Machine Washable
Full length sleeves
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Overall product rating 4.3/5
12 January 2021
Service Rating:
See previous comments. The fabric was disappointingly light-weight, but the dress is very pretty.
07 January 2021
Service Rating:
Wasn't expecting a jumbo cord but the dress is much thinner material than expected. My elderly mother will definitely have to wear layers underneath it. Good colour and the embroidery flowers are pretty.
07 January 2021
Service Rating:
Beautifully soft fabric. Nicely made. Flattering shape. Very pleased
06 January 2021
Service Rating:
Apart from this dress being very poor quality it had several discoloured circular marks on the front.
05 January 2021
Service Rating:
the dress was as detailed and good quality
30 December 2020
Service Rating:
Lovely dress, as expected and well made.wore it for Christmas celebrations,!