Victorian Lace Fan

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Made of delicate lace with tassel detailing, this fan is a historical delight. In the summer you can use it to keep yourself cool or to add Victorian charm to your outfit. Designed...
Victorian Lace Fan
Made of delicate lace with tassel detailing, this fan is a historical delight. In the summer you can use it to keep yourself cool or to add Victorian charm to your outfit. Designed in soft cream this fan is guaranteed to compliment your clothes.
In the Victorian era, fans were used at sophisticated gatherings to subtly convey a variety of messages from ‘I love you’ – drawing the fan across the check, to ‘follow me’- carrying the fan in your right hand in front of your face. Our Victorian Lace Fan carries cultural and historical significance - join high society this summer. of face.
Size & Additional Information
Colour: Cream
Ivory-coloured lace fan with tassel detail
100% Cotton
26.5 x 49cm when opened, 27cm when folded
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Overall product rating 3.9/5
17 April 2024
Service Rating:
Very beautiful, but not easy to handle: due to very thick lace, you more or less have to fold it together with both hands, if you want to close it again.
We apologise for the inconvenience caused by the difficulty in handling the item due to its thick lace. If you have any further concerns or if there's anything else we can assist you with, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team. Kind regards, Alice.
By Mrs Pat Hooper
02 June 2022
Service Rating:
A nice addition to my Victorian clothes which I wear for western events.
By Mrs Antoinette Hart
31 October 2021
Service Rating:
What I expected.Have it as a wall decoration, added to others.
14 April 2021
Service Rating:
Qualité et finitions médiocres. En deçà des standards que doit maintenir Museum Selections.
By Miss Angela Hammond
13 August 2020
Service Rating:
Lovely fan, very pretty..
By Kathleen Hallett
19 July 2020
Service Rating:
I kept this item (bought as a gift), but was a little disappointed with it. I expected it to be a little smaller and much more dainty, I actually think it is quite a clumsy and rather coarse item.
By Mrs Hesther van Straten Fysh
13 May 2019
Les Rairies, France
Service Rating:
I bought this gift for a friend who was delighted to receive it.
By John Butler
09 April 2019
Service Rating:
Excellent buy - thank you