Lit Artificial Topiary Tree

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Seasonal Christmas decoration inspired by the topiary trees of the 16th and 17th centuries, popularised by the grand Gardens of Versailles, which date from the 1630s. This artifici...
Seasonal Christmas decoration inspired by the topiary trees of the 16th and 17th centuries, popularised by the grand Gardens of Versailles, which date from the 1630s. This artificial tree is decorated with festive red berries and pinecones giving it a natural appearance. Evergreen trees have been celebrated and brought in in the winter for many years, but it was Queen Victoria and her German Prince Albert who popularised the tradition in Britain. After being sketched in the Illustrated London News with their children gathered around a Christmas tree, soon households all over Britain were bringing trees inside and decorating them with festive decorations.

Please note, the topiary base is a dark bronze-black with antiqued golden highlight.
Size & Additional Information
Faux foliage, berries and cones with LED lights.
1.2m x 51cm, with 96.5cm flex
Simple assembly required, mains operated
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Overall product rating 4/5
By Mrs Susan Townsend
31 December 2020
Service Rating:
Excellent quality and looks real! Would have been improved with a longer lead cable.
By Mrs Shirley Isaacs
09 December 2020
Service Rating:
Nice, but thought it was overpriced.
By Mr John Otter
25 October 2020
Service Rating:
Looks good,easy to assemble and will fit in any room
30 October 2019
Service Rating:
Disappointed with this tree
Thank you for your feedback, we're sorry that you were disappointed. Please do make use of our No Quibble Returns policy - I can confirm that a member of our team has been in touch. Best Wishes, Chloe
16 January 2019
Service Rating:
Excellent. I have now purchased a second tree.
By V Triger
13 November 2018
Service Rating:
It is pretty much as it looks in the brochure, so no surprises apart from the height.
By Patricia Ellis
17 November 2017
Service Rating:
The Christmas tree and knight and sword offer are of good quality. The description of the pencils is misleading as it states “glass” whereas it is just stained glass design (I suppose I was not expecting real glass for the price though)
16 November 2017
Service Rating:
Lovely Christmas decoration, good size and very effective.
09 November 2017
Service Rating:
See what I said above already
02 November 2017
Service Rating:
Wife delighted. Only slight comment is on the plinth which is clearly made of two parts and the join is visible.