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Kyanite & Enamelled Knotwork Earrings NEWICON Kyanite & Enamelled Knotwork Earrings £29.99
Kyanite & Enamelled Knotwork Ring NEWICON Kyanite & Enamelled Knotwork Ring £34.99
Viking Amber Earrings NEWICON Viking Amber Earrings £22.99
Viking Amber Necklace NEWICON Viking Amber Necklace £80.00
Viking Amber Necklace & Earrings NEWICON Viking Amber Necklace & Earrings £98.00
Amber Hoop Earrings NEWICON Amber Hoop Earrings £39.99
Aelfred's Britain NEWICON Aelfred's Britain £9.99
Tales of Norse Mythology NEWICON Tales of Norse Mythology £30.00
Icovellavna Waistcoat NEWICON Icovellavna Waistcoat £55.00
Celtic Birds Bookmark Kit NEWICON Celtic Birds Bookmark Kit £9.99
Celtic Cross Bookmark Kit NEWICON Celtic Cross Bookmark Kit £9.99
Pair of Celtic Cross Stitch Bookmark Kits NEWICON Pair of Celtic Cross Stitch Bookmark Kits £18.99
Pewter Knotwork Quaich NEWICON Pewter Knotwork Quaich £65.00
Amber Drop Earrings Amber Drop Earrings £27.99
Liberty Celtic Knots Silk Scarf Necklace Liberty Celtic Knots Silk Scarf Necklace £55.00
Plaited Leather Handbag Plaited Leather Handbag £120.00
Birka Gemstone Necklace Birka Gemstone Necklace £34.99
Amber Clip-on Earrings Amber Clip-on Earrings £58.00
Amber Necklace Amber Necklace £90.00
Celtic Blessing Silver Bangle Celtic Blessing Silver Bangle £99.00
Knotwork Wool Cardigan Knotwork Wool Cardigan £120.00

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