Jewellery, accessories and gifts reflecting the intricacies of Celtic art and history. From the Bronze Age to the early medieval period, Celts expressed their beliefs through abstract art styles. Ceremonial objects, personal ornamentation and manuscripts were decorated with sinuous organic forms - spirals, triskeles, interlaced knot work and fantastic animals. Some of the finest examples of late Celtic art were produced in the monasteries of Ireland and the north of England. The Book of Kells is now housed in the Library at Trinity College, Dublin and the Lindisfarne Gospels in the British Library.
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Knotwork Pewter & Glass Tot Knotwork Pewter & Glass Tot £17.99
Birka Gemstone Necklace Birka Gemstone Necklace £34.99
Amber Clip-on Earrings Amber Clip-on Earrings £55.00
Isle of Lewis Chess Set Isle of Lewis Chess Set £60.00
Amber Necklace Amber Necklace £90.00
Knotwork Wool Cardigan Knotwork Wool Cardigan £115.00
Durrow Tote Bag NEWICON Durrow Tote Bag £12.99
Amber Drop Earrings NEWICON Amber Drop Earrings £27.99
Liberty Celtic Knots Silk Scarf Necklace NEWICON Liberty Celtic Knots Silk Scarf Necklace £49.99
Dara Knot Wool Jumper NEWICON Dara Knot Wool Jumper £95.00
Plaited Leather Handbag NEWICON Plaited Leather Handbag £120.00
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Taking inspiration from country house interiors and gardens, museum collections and our great cathedrals, our aim is to bring together distinctive and unusual home accessories, jewellery, clothing and gifts celebrating over a thousand years of history, art and design.