British Woodland

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Wayside Flowers & Fungi Cards NEWICON Wayside Flowers & Fungi Cards £8.99
Holden Birds Tray NEWICON Holden Birds Tray £12.99
Tweet of the Day NEWICON Tweet of the Day £12.99
3 Autumn Birdsong Sound-chip Cards 3 Autumn Birdsong Sound-chip Cards £17.99
Garden Bird Spoons Garden Bird Spoons £17.99
Birdsong Birdsong £19.99
Set of 2 RSPB Birds Mugs NEWICON Set of 2 RSPB Birds Mugs £19.99
Long Tail Tit Enamel Box NEWICON Long Tail Tit Enamel Box £24.99
Robin Roundel NEWICON Robin Roundel £27.99
Garden Birds Trivet NEWICON Garden Birds Trivet £34.99
Chaffinch Cushion NEWICON Chaffinch Cushion £47.99
Winter Owlet Paperweight NEWICON Winter Owlet Paperweight £75.00
Winter Owl Paperweight NEWICON Winter Owl Paperweight £140.00
Snowy Countryside Cards NEWICON Snowy Countryside Cards £7.99
Woodland Gathering Cards NEWICON Woodland Gathering Cards £7.99
Woodland Winter Cards NEWICON Woodland Winter Cards £7.99
Woodland Tealights NEWICON Woodland Tealights £8.99
Badger with Pudding Decoration NEWICON Badger with Pudding Decoration £9.99
Hedgehog with Holly Decoration NEWICON Hedgehog with Holly Decoration £9.99
Woodland Christmas Owl NEWICON Woodland Christmas Owl £9.99
Hare Tote Bag NEWICON Hare Tote Bag £12.99
Winter Birds Cards NEWICON Winter Birds Cards £12.99
Copper Oak Leaf Brooch NEWICON Copper Oak Leaf Brooch £17.99
Felt Badger & Hedgehog Decorations NEWICON Felt Badger & Hedgehog Decorations £17.99
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Taking inspiration from country house interiors and gardens, museum collections and our great cathedrals, our aim is to bring together distinctive and unusual home accessories, jewellery, clothing and gifts celebrating over a thousand years of history, art and design.