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Standing Ducks Sculpture NEWICON Standing Ducks Sculpture In stock £22.99
Foragers' Playing Cards NEWICON Foragers' Playing Cards In stock £9.99
March Hare Balancing Ornament NEWICON March Hare Balancing Ornament In stock £29.99
3 Wooden Mushrooms NEWICON 3 Wooden Mushrooms In stock £39.99
Pedestal Bird Bath NEWICON Pedestal Bird Bath In stock £47.99
Squirrel with Nut Ornament NEWICON Squirrel with Nut Ornament In stock £17.99
Detmold Bird Bath or Feeder NEWICON Detmold Bird Bath or Feeder In stock £19.99
Squirrel Hanging Bracket NEWICON Squirrel Hanging Bracket Pre-Order £22.99
Lilypad Bird Feeder or Bath NEWICON Lilypad Bird Feeder or Bath In stock £22.99
Victorian Bloom Bird Bath or Feeder NEWICON Victorian Bloom Bird Bath or Feeder In stock £19.99
Fishing Frog Sculpture NEWICON Fishing Frog Sculpture Pre-Order £180.00
Owl Wall Art BRITAIN Owl Wall Art In stock £29.99
Squirrel Wall Art NEWICON Squirrel Wall Art In stock £49.99
Sparrows Wall Art NEWICON Sparrows Wall Art In stock £85.00
Birds Amongst Blossoms Scarf Birds Amongst Blossoms Scarf In stock £14.99
Garden Birds Jigsaw Garden Birds Jigsaw Pre-Order £12.99
Great British Wildlife Jigsaw Great British Wildlife Jigsaw In stock £12.99
Barn Owl Jug Barn Owl Jug In stock £21.99
Mouse with Daisy Ornament Mouse with Daisy Ornament In stock £32.99
A Bird a Day A Bird a Day In stock £20.00
Hand-carved Ducks Hand-carved Ducks In stock £24.99
Pheasant Marble Platter Pheasant Marble Platter   Last few remaining £55.00
Wooden Woodpecker Wooden Woodpecker In stock £27.99
Black-Throated Thrush Cushion Black-Throated Thrush Cushion In stock £39.99