Art Nouveau

Elegant jewellery, clothing, home accessories and gifts inspired by Art Nouveau. Inspired by natural forms and characterised by curvilinear lines, Art Nouveau is considered a 'total' art style, adopted across architecture, graphic art, and most of the decorative arts including jewellery. It acquired localised forms with notable designers including Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Alphonse Mucha, Louis Comfort Tiffany and Emile Galle.
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10 Mackintosh Botanicals Cards NEWICON 10 Mackintosh Botanicals Cards £6.99
Silver Studio Decor Cards NEWICON Silver Studio Decor Cards £8.99
Nouveau-framed Floral Cards NEWICON Nouveau-framed Floral Cards £10.99
Gustav Klimt: Drawings & Paintings NEWICON Gustav Klimt: Drawings & Paintings £15.00
Mackintosh Rose Trinket Box NEWICON Mackintosh Rose Trinket Box £19.99
Swans Tapestry Cushion NEWICON Swans Tapestry Cushion £22.99
Klimt Tree of Life Tapestry Bag NEWICON Klimt Tree of Life Tapestry Bag £24.99
Wassail Tea Light NEWICON Wassail Tea Light £24.99
Forget-me-not Bangle NEWICON Forget-me-not Bangle £27.99
Peacock Feather Umbrella NEWICON Peacock Feather Umbrella £32.99
Adele Earrings NEWICON Adele Earrings £34.99
Art Nouveau Iris Brooch NEWICON Art Nouveau Iris Brooch £34.99
Hibiscus Vase NEWICON Hibiscus Vase £34.99
Mackintosh Rose & Teardrop Handbag NEWICON Mackintosh Rose & Teardrop Handbag £37.99
Hill House Amethyst Earrings NEWICON Hill House Amethyst Earrings £39.99
Mackintosh Rose Vase NEWICON Mackintosh Rose Vase £39.99
Jugendstil Amber Ring NEWICON Jugendstil Amber Ring £45.00
Emilie Necklace NEWICON Emilie Necklace £57.00
Pinks Silk Chiffon Scarf NEWICON Pinks Silk Chiffon Scarf £57.99
Walter Crane Peacock Chiffon Scarf NEWICON Walter Crane Peacock Chiffon Scarf £57.99
Trellis Cotton Pyjamas NEWICON Trellis Cotton Pyjamas £60.00
Art Nouveau Embellished Jumper NEWICON Art Nouveau Embellished Jumper £65.00
Hill House Amethyst Brooch NEWICON Hill House Amethyst Brooch £70.00
Jugendstil Silver Enamelled Pendant NEWICON Jugendstil Silver Enamelled Pendant £70.00
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Taking inspiration from country house interiors and gardens, museum collections and our great cathedrals, our aim is to bring together distinctive and unusual home accessories, jewellery, clothing and gifts celebrating over a thousand years of history, art and design.