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Home ideas and gifts inspired by the style of Art Deco. Its broad appeal stretched from jewellery and fashion to everyday objects. Art Deco took its name from the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes held in Paris in 1925 and it melded modernist styles with fine craftsmanship and rich materials. The style combined the bold geometric forms of Cubism with the bright colours of Fauvism and of the Ballets Russes, new materials were favoured, including chrome plating, stainless steel and plastic. The style came to an end with the beginning World War II.
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Floréal Trellis Gift-wrap & Tags NEWICON Floréal Trellis Gift-wrap & Tags £3.50
Penguins' Party Gift-wrap & Tags NEWICON Penguins' Party Gift-wrap & Tags £12.99
Snowflake Hanging Decoration NEWICON Snowflake Hanging Decoration £4.99
Reindeer & Mistletoe Cards NEWICON Reindeer & Mistletoe Cards £5.50
Deco Winter Style Cards NEWICON Deco Winter Style Cards £7.99
Polar Creature Cards NEWICON Polar Creature Cards £7.99
Cone Advent Candle NEWICON Cone Advent Candle £9.99
Art Deco Star LED Lamp NEWICON Art Deco Star LED Lamp £12.99
Christmas Fare Cards NEWICON Christmas Fare Cards £12.99
Gilded Angel Tealight Holder NEWICON Gilded Angel Tealight Holder £12.99
Art Deco Floral Tote Bag NEWICON Art Deco Floral Tote Bag £14.99
Six Geese A-Laying Biscuit Tin NEWICON Six Geese A-Laying Biscuit Tin £14.99
Christmas Geese Bowl NEWICON Christmas Geese Bowl £19.99
Erté: Art Deco Master NEWICON Erté: Art Deco Master £20.00
Delaunay Scarf NEWICON Delaunay Scarf £49.99
Moser Mouse Brooch NEWICON Moser Mouse Brooch £49.99
Bengel Mother-of-pearl Earrings NEWICON Bengel Mother-of-pearl Earrings £60.00
Virginia Woolf Silver Pendant NEWICON Virginia Woolf Silver Pendant £60.00
Houndstooth Trim Cardigan NEWICON Houndstooth Trim Cardigan £95.00
Bauhaus Teak Magazine Table NEWICON Bauhaus Teak Magazine Table £235.00
Marion Rug NEWICON Marion Rug £250.00
Teak Deco Table NEWICON Teak Deco Table £250.00
The 12.30 From Croydon The 12.30 From Croydon £8.99
The Poisoned Chocolates Case The Poisoned Chocolates Case £8.99
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