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Classical Hare Brooch NEWICON Classical Hare Brooch £9.99
Roman Glass Cross Pendant NEWICON Roman Glass Cross Pendant £39.99
Pharaoh Rocher T-Shirt NEWICON Pharaoh Rocher T-Shirt £17.99
Roman Britain Replica Coins Set NEWICON Roman Britain Replica Coins Set £34.99
Byzantine Leopard Silk Scarf NEWICON Byzantine Leopard Silk Scarf £58.00
Roman Glass & Kyanite Pendant NEWICON Roman Glass & Kyanite Pendant £75.00
Roman Glass & Kyanite Earrings NEWICON Roman Glass & Kyanite Earrings £80.00
Aquamarine Talisman Necklace NEWICON Aquamarine Talisman Necklace £99.00
Roman Glass & Kyanite Jewellery Set NEWICON Roman Glass & Kyanite Jewellery Set £147.00
Poseidon Bust NEWICON Poseidon Bust £49.99
Veni Vidi Emi Tote Bag Veni Vidi Emi Tote Bag £12.99
Imperial Roman Lapis Earrings Imperial Roman Lapis Earrings £17.99
Bronze Athena Bronze Athena £39.99
Greek Horse Sculpture Greek Horse Sculpture £58.00
Free-form Roman Glass Earrings Free-form Roman Glass Earrings £60.00
Roman Glass & Pearl Bracelet Roman Glass & Pearl Bracelet £175.00
Imperial Roman Glass Necklace Imperial Roman Glass Necklace £199.00

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