Art Deco Glass Baubles

ITEM CODE: 25882
Opulent set of 9 glass baubles inspired by the objects de vertu created by the Fabergé workshop.
Opulent set of 9 glass baubles inspired by the objects de vertu created by the Fabergé workshop.
Size & Additional Information
Colour: Pale Yellow, Green and Deep Red
Glass with glitter and sequin embellishment
8cm with 9cm polyester hanging loop
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Overall product rating 4.3/5
By Mrs Allison Boreham
23 December 2021
Service Rating:
Really pretty! Just the right size for the bottom of the tree. Lovely colours and they look great on the tree. Great price too.
By Mrs Phyllis Berry
22 December 2021
Northern Ireland
Service Rating:
Absolutely beautifully decorated baubles that look amazing on my Christmas tree.
25 November 2021
Service Rating:
I love these, they're so pretty and ornate I can't wait to see them on my tree. Really great detailing too. Not too dark in my opinion and normal/average bauble size. Really lovely.
By Taylor
24 October 2021
Service Rating:
Very disappointed in these - they are huge for an average tree, but that is probably my fault for not envisaging an 8-9cm globe accurately. However despite colour descriptions all 9 were black. Due to fragile nature I will not be returning but will pass them on to someone with Gothic taste, something I thought would be passed on and used year after year not appealing.
Thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry that you are disappointed with this set of baubles. They can appear black due to the colour of the box they arrive in, but in the light they should come in three colours: yellow, green and deep red. A member of our customer service team has been in touch for more information. Kind regards, Millie.