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Teak Trunk Stool Teak Trunk Stool In stock £150.00
Millefleurs Squirrel Millefleurs Squirrel Pre-Order £14.99
Art Nouveau Bluebell Art Nouveau Bluebell In stock £29.99
Art Nouveau Pansy Art Nouveau Pansy In stock £29.99
Toad on the Road Toad on the Road In stock £29.99
Muromachi Sculpture Muromachi Sculpture In stock £47.99
Nouveau Nymph Wall Planter Nouveau Nymph Wall Planter Pre-Order £55.00
Reflecting Peacock Ornament Reflecting Peacock Ornament In stock £65.00
Rose Linen Tablecloth NEWICON Rose Linen Tablecloth In stock £70.00
Grey Crooksbury Bench Grey Crooksbury Bench In stock £199.00
Gazing Globe Stand Gazing Globe Stand Pre-Order £6.99
Blue Nouveau Butterfly Blue Nouveau Butterfly In stock £9.99
Hedgehog Planter NEWICON Hedgehog Planter In stock £24.99
Art Nouveau Foxglove Art Nouveau Foxglove In stock £29.99
Moley Ornament Moley Ornament In stock £29.99
Ratty Ornament Ratty Ornament In stock £29.99
Purple Gazing Globe Purple Gazing Globe In stock £37.99
Bicycle Plant Stand Bicycle Plant Stand In stock £39.99
Green Gazing Globe Green Gazing Globe Pre-Order £45.00
Green Globe with Stand Green Globe with Stand Pre-Order £49.50
Margum Faux Lemon Tree NEWICON Margum Faux Lemon Tree In stock £49.99
Anemone Tapestry Cushion Anemone Tapestry Cushion Pre-Order £55.00
Elton Rose Arrangement NEWICON Elton Rose Arrangement   Last few remaining £55.00
Dachshund Planter Dachshund Planter   Last few remaining £85.00
Wildflower Quilted Throw NEWICON Wildflower Quilted Throw In stock £95.00
Jemima Puddle-Duck Ornament Jemima Puddle-Duck Ornament In stock £120.00
Pair of Gothic Folding Chairs Pair of Gothic Folding Chairs Pre-Order £125.00
Triple Pot Shelf Triple Pot Shelf   Last few remaining £125.00
Gothic Round Table Gothic Round Table   Last few remaining £175.00
Gothic Arch with Planters Gothic Arch with Planters In stock £199.00
White Crooksbury Bench White Crooksbury Bench In stock £199.00
Eastern Companion Bench Eastern Companion Bench In stock £235.00
Golden Lily Seat Pads Golden Lily Seat Pads Pre-Order £39.99
Purple Globe with Stand Purple Globe with Stand Pre-Order £42.50
Artificial Weeping Fig NEWICON Artificial Weeping Fig In stock £85.00
Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle Ornament Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle Ornament In stock £95.00
Posy Cotton Lap Quilt Posy Cotton Lap Quilt In stock £95.00
Grey Crooksbury Table Grey Crooksbury Table In stock £115.00
White Crooksbury Table White Crooksbury Table In stock £115.00
Colby Bench Colby Bench Pre-Order £150.00
Charlecote Chair Charlecote Chair In stock £190.00
De Morgan Rabbits De Morgan Rabbits In stock £199.00
Dunham High Back Conservatory Chair NEWICON Dunham High Back Conservatory Chair In stock £270.00
Gothic Garden Dining Furniture Gothic Garden Dining Furniture Pre-Order £400.00
Manderston High Back Armchair NEWICON Manderston High Back Armchair   Last few remaining £440.00
Sunnycroft Armchair Sunnycroft Armchair Pre-Order £440.00
Golden Age Ceramic Wall Planter NEWICON Golden Age Ceramic Wall Planter   Out of stock £17.99
Golden Age Ceramic Planter NEWICON Golden Age Ceramic Planter   Out of stock £34.99