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Arts & Crafts Runner inspired by details from various designs by Morris & Co., including 'Bullerswood' and 'Hammersmith' carpets and 'Acanthus' which was originally designed as blo...
Arts & Crafts Runner inspired by details from various designs by Morris & Co., including 'Bullerswood' and 'Hammersmith' carpets and 'Acanthus' which was originally designed as block-printed wallpaper. The latter became very popular when the Mander Family furnished Wightwick Manor, Wolverhampton with Morris wallpapers in 13 rooms. This geometric runner is made in cream, terracotta and soft green tones with soft viscose/cotton fibres. Remember to read the care instructions to keep your runner looking its best.
Size & Additional Information
Colour: Cream, Terracotta, Soft Green
Viscose and cotton mix
2.1m x 65cm
Do not use water to clean. Use an acetic or citric solution which will not cause yellowing of the fibres. Do not use too much solution as the fibres are very absorbent. Never scrub it too hard or use an electric rug cleaner on it. If there is a spillage, use paper towels or a clean white cloth to gently blot away the spilled stuff, and after that, a cloth dipped in the acetic or citric solution to carefully dab the spot until the stain is removed. Always move the cloth in the direction of the rug’s pile, rather than rubbing it backward and forward. After you are done, you can soften the viscose fibres with some fabric softener sprayed on the treated area.
Made in Belgium
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