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Extending Magnifier on Stand ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Extending Magnifier on Stand In stock £58.00
Herons Double Bed Set Herons Double Bed Set Pre-Order £60.00
Set of 3 Morris Tapestry Cushions Set of 3 Morris Tapestry Cushions In stock £70.00
Mackintosh Stained-Glass Lamp Mackintosh Stained-Glass Lamp Pre-Order £80.00
Botanical Border Silk Rug Botanical Border Silk Rug In stock £125.00
Persian Runner Persian Runner In stock £130.00
Greenery Tapestry BRITAIN Greenery Tapestry   Last few remaining £135.00
Qing Lamp Qing Lamp Pre-Order £145.00
Posy Cotton Double Quilt ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Posy Cotton Double Quilt In stock £175.00
3-Drawer & Willow Storage Unit 3-Drawer & Willow Storage Unit In stock £199.00
Helensburgh Stained-Glass Lamp Helensburgh Stained-Glass Lamp In stock £199.00
Library Step Chair Library Step Chair In stock £250.00
Art Deco Star LED Lamp ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Art Deco Star LED Lamp   Last few remaining £12.99
Bird Silhouette Hooks ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Bird Silhouette Hooks In stock £14.99
Squirrel Pin Cushion BRITAIN Squirrel Pin Cushion In stock £14.99
Golden LED Lit Star ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Golden LED Lit Star   Last few remaining £17.99
Teak Accordion Peg Rack ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Teak Accordion Peg Rack In stock £17.99
Morris Fox Tapestry Cushion Morris Fox Tapestry Cushion In stock £24.99
Morris Hare Tapestry Cushion Morris Hare Tapestry Cushion In stock £24.99
Morris Lion Tapestry Cushion Morris Lion Tapestry Cushion In stock £24.99
Branch Cushion Blue ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Branch Cushion Blue In stock £39.99
Branch Cushion Cream ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Branch Cushion Cream   Last few remaining £39.99
Library Hare Tapestry Cushion Library Hare Tapestry Cushion In stock £49.99
Market Scene Lantern Decoration Market Scene Lantern Decoration In stock £55.00
Poppy Tapestry Cushion Poppy Tapestry Cushion In stock £55.00
Peacock Stained-Glass Lamp ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Peacock Stained-Glass Lamp In stock £75.00
Catherine Floral Runner ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Catherine Floral Runner In stock £90.00
Posy Cotton Lap Quilt ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Posy Cotton Lap Quilt In stock £95.00
Wildflower Quilted Throw ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Wildflower Quilted Throw In stock £95.00
Pair of Pine Dining Chairs Pair of Pine Dining Chairs In stock £99.99
Medici Acacia Stool Medici Acacia Stool In stock £110.00
Grapevine Lamp Grapevine Lamp In stock £115.00
Klimt's Lady with Fan Tapestry ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Klimt's Lady with Fan Tapestry In stock £115.00
À Mon Seul Désir Tapestry ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE À Mon Seul Désir Tapestry In stock £115.00
Pine Dining Table Pine Dining Table In stock £120.00
Rhododendron Table Lamp Rhododendron Table Lamp   Last few remaining £120.00
Benvolio Pair of Curtains Benvolio Pair of Curtains In stock £125.00
Peony Table Lamp Peony Table Lamp In stock £145.00
Deer Tapestry Footstool BRITAIN Deer Tapestry Footstool   Last few remaining £150.00
Ettington Carved Magazine Rack Ettington Carved Magazine Rack   Last few remaining £150.00
Strawberry Thief Tapestry Throw Strawberry Thief Tapestry Throw In stock £150.00
Parrot Table Lamp Parrot Table Lamp   Last few remaining £155.00
Merton Gate-leg Table ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Merton Gate-leg Table In stock £165.00
Stag Lamp Stag Lamp In stock £165.00
Montélimar Floral Double Quilt ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Montélimar Floral Double Quilt In stock £175.00
Teak Twist Table Teak Twist Table In stock £185.00
Victorian Patchwork Quilt ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Victorian Patchwork Quilt In stock £185.00
Hanover Mahogany Occasional Table Hanover Mahogany Occasional Table Pre-Order £195.00