Honiton Corduroy Dress

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Deriving from cord and duroy, a coarse woollen cloth made in England in the England 18th century, corduroy is a type of fustian fabric. This corduroy dress echoes the design of 19t...
Deriving from cord and duroy, a coarse woollen cloth made in England in the England 18th century, corduroy is a type of fustian fabric. This corduroy dress echoes the design of 19th-century shawl collar silhouette, finished with lace overlay accents based on a Victorian Honiton lace example. Honiton lace originated in Honiton, Devon and historical designs included scrollwork and foliate motifs. Handmade lacework grew in popularity in the late-19th century when Queen Victoria ordered a bridal dress made in Honiton lace. Our Honiton Corduroy Dress has been finished with long sleeves, a button front, waist tie and faux pocket details.

Made exclusively for Museum Selection.
Size & Additional Information
Colour: Plum Purple
Cotton with nylon added for stretch
Long Sleeve
Button Fastenings
c.120cm long
Machine wash cold water, delicate cycle
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Overall product rating 4.1/5
15 July 2021
Service Rating:
The price intrigued me because thin-wale corduroy is as soft as some velvet. The colour is more for Fall, however, buying out-of-season is less expensive. Finally, the side pockets and back belt allow you to adjust the fit to suit yourself. Overall, great value and fun style. (Now, for some scarves to go with it...!)
12 July 2021
Service Rating:
Size came up much larger than I thought especially the skirt of the dress. Just not suitable for my body shape. It is a ovely dress.
04 March 2021
Service Rating:
Its a nice dress thank you
11 February 2021
Service Rating:
The supposedly embellished areas (collar, pocket flaps) are very underwhelming in the flesh. Size ten was pretty enormous and I'm not a titchy person.
04 February 2021
Service Rating:
the dress was much too big not just a bit so I do not think it was true too size however it was very well made and looked a great buy should it have fitted
28 January 2021
Service Rating:
Good quality, bought a size up as wanted to wear it as a coat, think it would be a very unflattering dress, but certainly works as a coat.