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Nouveau Nymph Wall Planter Nouveau Nymph Wall Planter In stock £60.00
Suffragette Necklace Suffragette Necklace In stock £70.00
Art Deco Malachite Pendant & Earrings Art Deco Malachite Pendant & Earrings In stock £80.00
Art Deco Dress Art Deco Dress Limited availability £85.00
Honiton Corduroy Dress Honiton Corduroy Dress In stock £85.00
Nouveau Floral Throw Nouveau Floral Throw In stock £99.00
Bloom Quilted Throw Bloom Quilted Throw   Last few remaining £115.00
Cream Twin-Stem Stained-Glass Lamp NEWICON Cream Twin-Stem Stained-Glass Lamp Pre-Order £199.00
Ennis Table Lamp Ennis Table Lamp In stock £199.00
Language of Flowers Thimble Lily Language of Flowers Thimble Lily In stock £6.99
Delphiniums Stitched Bookmark Kit Delphiniums Stitched Bookmark Kit In stock £9.99
Crystal Fish Brooch Crystal Fish Brooch In stock £17.99
Botanical Glass Magnet Set ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Botanical Glass Magnet Set In stock £19.99
Butterfly Scarf Clip NEWICON Butterfly Scarf Clip In stock £19.99
Victorian Cameo Earrings ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Victorian Cameo Earrings In stock £24.99
Fouquet Pewter Tealight Holder BRITAIN Fouquet Pewter Tealight Holder In stock £27.99
Nouveau Nightdress Nouveau Nightdress In stock £45.00
Klein Cotton Nightdress ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Klein Cotton Nightdress In stock £49.99
Iris Silk Scarf NEWICON Iris Silk Scarf In stock £55.00
Aucoc Enamel Pendant Aucoc Enamel Pendant   Last few remaining £70.00
Paisley Reversible Jacket NEWICON Paisley Reversible Jacket In stock £88.00
Agapanthus Long Reversible Waistcoat NEWICON Agapanthus Long Reversible Waistcoat In stock £95.00
Art Deco Murano Glass Necklace ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Art Deco Murano Glass Necklace In stock £99.00
Mackintosh Opalite Pendant & Earrings Set NEWICON Mackintosh Opalite Pendant & Earrings Set Pre-Order £99.00
Delaunay  Abstract Rug Delaunay Abstract Rug Pre-Order £125.00
Peacock Brocade Jacket Peacock Brocade Jacket In stock £150.00
Bauhaus Teak Magazine Table Bauhaus Teak Magazine Table Pre-Order £250.00
Mystery in the Channel ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Mystery in the Channel   Last few remaining £8.99
Elizabeth Barrett Browning Poems NEWICON Elizabeth Barrett Browning Poems In stock £9.99
Lily of the Valley Soaps BRITAIN Lily of the Valley Soaps In stock £10.99
Cocktail Shaker with Truffles ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Cocktail Shaker with Truffles   Last few remaining £14.99
Moccasin Suede Slippers ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Moccasin Suede Slippers Limited availability £24.99
Modernist Letter Rack Modernist Letter Rack In stock £29.99
Lapis & Cloisonne Earrings Lapis & Cloisonne Earrings In stock £39.99
Mackintosh Leaded Mirror BRITAIN Mackintosh Leaded Mirror   Last few remaining £39.99
Hope Silk Scarf ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Hope Silk Scarf Pre-Order £45.00
Amber Stoclet Tree of Life Brooch NEWICON Amber Stoclet Tree of Life Brooch In stock £55.00
Art Deco Westie Blouse Art Deco Westie Blouse In stock £55.00
Mackintosh Opalite Earrings NEWICON Mackintosh Opalite Earrings Pre-Order £55.00
Rousseau Jungle Silk Scarf NEWICON Rousseau Jungle Silk Scarf   Last few remaining £55.00
Hand-block-printed Tunic Hand-block-printed Tunic   Last few remaining £65.00
Stoclet Earrings NEWICON Stoclet Earrings In stock £80.00
Carnation Reversible Jacket Carnation Reversible Jacket In stock £88.00
Reversible Mammifères Cotton Jacket NEWICON Reversible Mammifères Cotton Jacket In stock £88.00
Joli Devore Deco Jacket ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Joli Devore Deco Jacket In stock £90.00
Art Nouveau Murano Necklace Art Nouveau Murano Necklace In stock £99.00
Larkspur Gemstone Necklace NEWICON Larkspur Gemstone Necklace In stock £99.00
Emilie Glass & Lapis Necklace Emilie Glass & Lapis Necklace In stock £110.00