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Florentine Border Christmas Cards NEWICON Florentine Border Christmas Cards In stock £7.99
Madonna & Child Christmas Cards NEWICON Madonna & Child Christmas Cards In stock £7.99
Stained Glass Gilt Nativity Cards NEWICON Stained Glass Gilt Nativity Cards In stock £7.99
Triptych Nativity Cards NEWICON Triptych Nativity Cards In stock £7.99
Florentine Chocolate Truffle Crackers NEWICON Florentine Chocolate Truffle Crackers In stock £19.99
Hamlet Silver Pendant NEWICON Hamlet Silver Pendant In stock £60.00
A Village Festival Jigsaw A Village Festival Jigsaw Pre-Order £12.99
Vermeer - The Complete Works Vermeer - The Complete Works In stock £15.00
Tudor Tournament Wooden Kit Tudor Tournament Wooden Kit In stock £22.99
Pearl & Lapis Portrait Earrings Pearl & Lapis Portrait Earrings Pre-Order £24.99
Pearl & Lapis Portrait Necklace Pearl & Lapis Portrait Necklace In stock £70.00
Pearl & Lapis Portrait Set Pearl & Lapis Portrait Set Pre-Order £90.00
Burgundy Damask Throw BRITAIN Burgundy Damask Throw In stock £150.00
Scrolling Jacquard Cardigan Scrolling Jacquard Cardigan In stock £150.00
Princess Elizabeth Hair Clip ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Princess Elizabeth Hair Clip   Last few remaining £14.99
Tudor Florals Embroidered Nightdress Tudor Florals Embroidered Nightdress In stock £45.00
Collection Herbarium Soaps BRITAIN Collection Herbarium Soaps Pre-Order £18.99
Stuart Cross-Body Bag Stuart Cross-Body Bag In stock £24.99
Golden Age Garnet Earrings Golden Age Garnet Earrings In stock £29.99
Golden Age Garnet Pendant Golden Age Garnet Pendant In stock £55.00
Botanical Reversible Jacket ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Botanical Reversible Jacket In stock £85.00
Kashmiri Cotton Tunic ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Kashmiri Cotton Tunic   Last few remaining £85.00
Framed Holy Family Christmas Cards ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Framed Holy Family Christmas Cards In stock £7.99
12 Harlequin Christmas Baubles 12 Harlequin Christmas Baubles In stock £14.99