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Venetian Court Pearls

ITEM CODE: 22747
Reminiscent of fine pearls in 'Portrait of a Lady', 1555, by Titian (c.1490-1576). Freshwater pearls interspersed with amethysts.
Reminiscent of fine pearls in 'Portrait of a Lady', 1555, by Titian (c.1490-1576). Freshwater pearls interspersed with amethysts.
Size & Additional Information
Colour: Multicoloured, Pink, Green
Garnet, amethyst and freshwater pearls
120cm long
Spring ring clasp
Clean with a soft cloth
Gift boxed
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Overall product rating 4/5
24 April 2020
Service Rating:
I liked themnnnnnnnnnnnnn
19 February 2020
Service Rating:
Lovely necklace and just what I wanted. Would have given 5 starts if the clasp had been easier to handle.
11 January 2020
Service Rating:
Bought this as a gift but returned it as it looks cheap. Not impressive as in the catalogue.
28 February 2019
Service Rating:
A gorgeous display of pearls amethyst and stones. Lovely colour mix.
Of high quality finish and a decent weight.
Look forward to wearing this gift bought from birthday money.
Highly recommend if you like pretty beads.
These are a cut above the rest.
23 February 2019
Service Rating:
a necklace -very elaborate and well made.