Imperial Russia

Inspiring ideas evoking the splendour of the Imperial Court. The House of Romanov ruled the Russian Empire from 1721 until 1762, and the House of Holstein-Gottorp-Romanov, from 1762 until 1917. The Tsars were significant patrons of the arts, commissioning paintings, objets du vertu, jewellery that reflected the traditions of Russian art but also looking west with the adoption of Art Nouveau. Peter Carl Faberge (1846 – 1920) created some of the most exquisite and enduring pieces for the Tsars, including bejewelled eggs presented as Easter gifts.
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Russian Hand-painted Bell - Bird NEWICON Russian Hand-painted Bell - Bird £5.99
Russian Hand-painted Bell - Scroll NEWICON Russian Hand-painted Bell - Scroll £5.99
Both Hand-painted Bell Decorations NEWICON Both Hand-painted Bell Decorations £10.99
Pair of Russian Folk Tea Towels NEWICON Pair of Russian Folk Tea Towels £11.99
Alexandrova Earrings NEWICON Alexandrova Earrings £12.99
Alexandrova Pendant NEWICON Alexandrova Pendant £12.99
Gem Stone Leopard NEWICON Gem Stone Leopard £19.99
Alexandrova Pendant & Earrings NEWICON Alexandrova Pendant & Earrings £24.99
Princess Frog Hand-painted Box NEWICON Princess Frog Hand-painted Box £60.00
Posad Wool Scarf NEWICON Posad Wool Scarf £75.00
Delander Watch NEWICON Delander Watch £150.00
Bear Gemstone Bear Gemstone £19.99
Birch Bark Brush Birch Bark Brush £19.99
Faberge & the Russian Crafts Tradition Faberge & the Russian Crafts Tradition £29.95
Imperial Russian Egg Bracelet Imperial Russian Egg Bracelet £34.99
Romanov Gem Necklace Romanov Gem Necklace £70.00
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