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Bumblebee Decoration NEWICON Bumblebee Decoration £9.99
Fudge-filled Stocking Tin NEWICON Fudge-filled Stocking Tin £9.99
Lazareff Velvet Gloves NEWICON Lazareff Velvet Gloves £22.99
Russian Views Christmas Cards NEWICON Russian Views Christmas Cards £5.50
Pair of Glittered Birds Decorations NEWICON Pair of Glittered Birds Decorations £6.99
Sleigh Scene Christmas Cards NEWICON Sleigh Scene Christmas Cards £7.99
Imperial Egg Pendant NEWICON Imperial Egg Pendant £12.99
Imperial Egg Tin & Lavender Soap NEWICON Imperial Egg Tin & Lavender Soap £7.99
Imperial Bear Brooch NEWICON Imperial Bear Brooch £29.99
Imperial Ladybird Pendant NEWICON Imperial Ladybird Pendant £34.99
Saint Petersburg Sapphire Earrings NEWICON Saint Petersburg Sapphire Earrings £34.99
Moonlight Troika Box NEWICON Moonlight Troika Box £49.99
Khokhloma Devoré Cover-Up NEWICON Khokhloma Devoré Cover-Up £80.00
Onyx & Carnelian Earrings NEWICON Onyx & Carnelian Earrings £49.99
Russian Wool Shawl NEWICON Russian Wool Shawl £85.00
St Petersburg Pendant St Petersburg Pendant £17.99
Russian Princess Sleigh Cards Russian Princess Sleigh Cards £5.50
Imperial Bangle Imperial Bangle £32.99
Enamel Owl Box Enamel Owl Box £19.99
Alexandrova Earrings Alexandrova Earrings £12.99
Alexandrova Pendant Alexandrova Pendant £12.99
Agate & Pearl Earrings Agate & Pearl Earrings £17.99
Imperial Velvet Decorations Imperial Velvet Decorations £17.99
Bear Gemstone Bear Gemstone £19.99

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