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Morris Willow Bough Jersey Blouse

ITEM CODE: 23519
Jersey blouse in a flattering cut and reinterpreting a wallpaper design ‘Willow Bough’, 1887, by William Morris, an example of which is held in the Victoria and Albert Museum. Many...
Jersey blouse in a flattering cut and reinterpreting a wallpaper design ‘Willow Bough’, 1887, by William Morris, an example of which is held in the Victoria and Albert Museum. Many of Morris’s wallpaper designs were based on plant forms, which he studied at first hand, and ‘Willow Bough’ was inspired by the trees he had seen on country walks. Morris believed that the ideal pattern should have ‘unmistakable suggestions of gardens and fields’ and found ideas for his designs in the simple woodcut illustrations in 16th-century herbals; he owned a copy of Gerard’s Herball published 1597, in which a willow branch is illustrated. Made exclusively for Museum Selection.
Size & Additional Information
Colour: White, Green
63.5cm long
Button Front
Collared Style
Machine Washable
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Overall product rating 4.6/5
18 March 2020
Service Rating:
This shirt is made of lovely fabric, my favourite William Morris print and very soft.
It fits me very well, and not too tightly, but I have taken a star off because it probably shouldn't: I am size 12 and I ordered size 8-10 as that was all that was left!
I agree with the reviews saying it is not elegantly cut: it is a simple square shirt with no darts. However, I'm not elegantly cut either, so that's perfect and it looks smart on me!
20 January 2020
Service Rating:
Blouse looks better on, very flattering cotton jersey. Should be comfortable in hot weather and giving good cover from the sun.
20 January 2020
Service Rating:
Good quality fabric and fit - very pleased.
17 January 2020
Service Rating:
It is a lovely fit and design.
14 January 2020
Service Rating:
Quality of product.
13 January 2020
Service Rating:
I bought in sale and am glad I did but wouldn't pay full price. It's a good blouse/shirt for doing ordinary things but not glamorous in the least!