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Geneva Rose Cotton Tunic

ITEM CODE: 23668
Cotton tunic echoing the embroidered cover of the ‘Geneva Bible’, 1583, presented to Queen Elizabeth I on New Year’s Day; the motifs include a symmetrical arrangement of stems with...
Cotton tunic echoing the embroidered cover of the ‘Geneva Bible’, 1583, presented to Queen Elizabeth I on New Year’s Day; the motifs include a symmetrical arrangement of stems with roses in the Tudor style. Now held in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, the Geneva Bible is exemplary of Queen Elizabeth I’s preference for embroidered textile book covers rather than leather. Button front with pin-tucked details, pleated cuff ¾-length sleeves and pleated at the hips for a flattering shape. Made exclusively for Museum Selection.
Size & Additional Information
Colour: Red, Blue
91cm long
Button Front
Pleat and pin-tuck details
Machine Washable
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Overall product rating 4.5/5
19 March 2020
Service Rating:
The quality of the delivered goods is excellent !!!!
09 December 2019
Service Rating:
Excellent quality and attention to detail so pretty and I would order clothes again
30 November 2019
Service Rating:
This tunic was disappointing and not as I was expecting from the photo. The cotton was very thin and more suitable for a summer top. I had expected something more substantial that could be worn at Christmas as suggested by the colour and pattern of the material. It was also too big and swamped me despite ordering the 8-10 small size. I am an average size UK 10 so this was a return from me.
18 November 2019
Service Rating:
It was lovely but too small
16 November 2019
Service Rating:
Looks good, and feels comfortable to wear
15 November 2019
Service Rating:
I love it!!