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Emilie Glass Earrings

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Reflecting the work of Art Nouveau designers, these striki...
Save when you buy the set
Reflecting the work of Art Nouveau designers, these striking earrings are embellished exquisitely-worked glass beads. The opulent design recalls mesmerising detail found the swirling dress worn by Gustav Klimt's life companion and muse Emilie Flöge in her portrait of 1902. An eminent member of the Vienna Secession, Austrian symbolist artist Klimt was inspired by couturière Emilie to create illustrious gilded paintings during his famed and iconic "golden phase".

Made exclusively for Museum Selection.
Size & Additional Information
Colour: Blue, Cream
Gold-plated, hand-made Lamp work glass,
5.5cm drop, 1.5cm wide, lever back
Clean with a soft cloth
Gift Boxed
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