Celtic Lapis & Knotwork Earrings

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Save when you buyt the Celtic Knotwork Jewellery Set
These bold natural stone and...
Save when you buyt the Celtic Knotwork Jewellery Set
These bold natural stone and pewter earrings echo the importance of beads in Ancient culture, traded across European civilisations and beyond by the Celts. Found in the burial mounds of Celtic chiefs and their followers, the beads were often finely wrought denoting rank and status. Made in Wales, these Celtic Lapis & Knotwork Earrings combine distinctive cast pewter beads decorated with intricate knotwork motifs echoing eternity, with lapis lazuli and hematite. Bring the Ancient world to your jewellery box with this unique set.
Size & Additional Information
Colour: Blue, Pewter
Silver, pewter, Lapis, hematite
4.5cm drop, 1cm
Clean with a soft cloth
Gift boxed
Made in Wales
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Overall product rating 4.8/5
09 December 2020
Service Rating:
Beautiful, just want I wanted
02 November 2020
Old Colwyn
Service Rating:
As described very good quality would like to know more about the company as says they are made here in Wales so would like to see their full range, with a view to buying more..
21 August 2020
Service Rating:
Good quality and I love them
21 August 2020
Service Rating:
They are as a gift for someone. They are lovely