Aucoc Enamel Pendant

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Save when you buy the Aucoc Jewellery Set
Based on the sinuous design of a pe...
Save when you buy the Aucoc Jewellery Set
Based on the sinuous design of a pendant by eminent French Art Nouveau jeweller Louis Aucoc (1850 – 1932), this fluid silver pendant has been hand-enamelled and set with lustrous freshwater pearls. Illustrious jewellery from the Art Nouveau era referenced natural forms, fluidity of line and juxtapositions of natural stones and elements. Our eloquent Aucoc Enamel Pendant recalls the elegance of the Belle Époque at the fin de siècle, a time of triumph across jewellery design and the decorative arts.

Made exclusively for Museum Selection.
Size & Additional Information
Colour: Blue
Silver, enamel and pearl
Pendant 5cm on 46cm chain with 5cm extender, lobster clasp
Clean with a soft cloth
Gift boxed
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Overall product rating 5/5
26 January 2021
Service Rating:
Beautiful Pendant. My Wife loves it. Regrettably, we dithered with regard to our purchase and, as a result, the matching Earrings are out of stock. Having the set would have been superb. However, the Pendant is lovely and my Wife says she will be able to wear it with just some small pearl stud Earrings that she has.
The Pendant is just as described in the Item Description provided by Museum Selection, but surpassed our expectations.
Thank you Museum Selection.