Ox Netsuke

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Discover the world of Netsuke with Museum Selection's exclusive coll...
Buy any 3 Netsuke for £71.00

Discover the world of Netsuke with Museum Selection's exclusive collection of elegant hand-carved wooden figurines. Our Ox Netsuke takes the form of the Chinese zodiac animal for 2021. Netsuke originated in Japanese culture as traditional toggle closures for garments in ivory or wood, allowing articles to be attached to the sash of a kimono. Netsuke evolved into a unique form of miniature sculpture from the 17th century onwards, prized for the intricacy of carving and level of craftsmanship. Carved by hand from boxwood, this piece reflects the history and folklore of Japan.

Made exclusively for Museum Selection.
Size & Additional Information
Colour: Dark Brown
4 x 5 x 2cm
Wipe clean with a dry cloth
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26 October 2020
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