Cocoa-Nibbed Caramels

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Caramel appears recorded in the mid-17th century when settl...
Save when you buy the set
Caramel appears recorded in the mid-17th century when settlers in America began to make a version of the treat in kettles, this was developed in the 19th century with caramel candy when milk and butter were added to create the chewy delicacy known today. Expertly crafted by one of our favourite makers of fine confectionery, these delectable soft cocoa-nibbed caramels are each made by hand and decorated with love in England. Recalling the boxed confectionery enjoyed by the Victorians, these Cocoa-Nibbed Caramels are presented in a pretty gift box.
Size & Additional Information
Net weight 125g
Box 9cm x 9cm x 10cm
Store in a cool dry place
Contains milk and soya
Not suitable for nut and peanut sufferers due to manufacturing methods
Suitable for vegetarians, not suitable for vegans
Produced in England
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By Millie Henson
12 June 2021
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Didn’t think they were worth the money
We are sorry that you weren’t satisfied with this product. We offer premium chocolates which are not readily available and retail them at the maker’s RRP. Kind regards, Millie.
22 February 2021
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Birthday present - well received