The Measure of Malice

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The British LibrarySave when you buy all 3 Crime Collections
A compelling collec...
The British LibrarySave when you buy all 3 Crime Collections
A compelling collection of hidden gems of British crime writing, from the superlative collection of republished by the British Library. The Measure of Malice: 14 detection stories with fiendish plots solved by, at the time, cutting-edge scientific theory, rational thinking and technical know-how. The detectives featured use scientific deduction to find their culprits, whether using the evidence from a scrap of fabric or analysing poisons. Reflecting the expertise of the authors, five of whom were doctors, two engineers and one academic chemist. Includes stories by Dorothy Sayers, Ernest Dudley, R. Austin Freeman, J. J. Connington and 'The Boscombe Valley Mystery' by Arthur Conan Doyle.
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13 x 19cm
346 pages
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