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Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip 70th Anniversary

As the Queen and Prince Philip prepare to celebrate their platinum wedding anniversary in November, a first for a royal couple, we celebrate a romantic love story that has lasted more than seventy years.


After their first meeting in 1939, Princess Elizabeth, aged just thirteen, and Philip Mountbatten, eighteen, began to exchange letters. In these letters, we learn of their mutual infatuation and their declarations of undying love for each other that would lead to a secret engagement, and ultimately a happy marriage that has lasted seventy years.

In 1946, Philip had returned from the war with a sense of aimlessness, and searched for the action he had experienced in the navy. When in London, he stayed with his grandmother, Princess Victoria, or his uncle, Louis Mountbatten, but he was frequently seen at Buckingham Palace; while the pair tried to appear distant with each other, there was no denying the connection between them shown by Philip carrying a picture of Princess Elizabeth in a worn leather frame. Despite doubts expressed by Elizabeth's parents and others around her, their engagement was announced officially on the 9th of July 1947, with Philip creating the engagement ring himself using diamonds from his mother’s tiara.

The couple were married at Westminster Abbey on the 20th November 1947, with the service broadcast to a radio audience of 200 million people around the world. Their wedding was a momentous occasion in history attended by other royalty from across the world, and they received 2,500 wedding presents. Mementos from the day, including a slice of cake from the wedding breakfast, have been preserved for generations, reflecting the enduring affection in which the Royal Family is held. Together they overcame many initial struggles; Elizabeth was mourning the death of her beloved father, and Philip was still battling to find purpose in his life away from the war.


Seventy years after their marriage, it is clear that Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip still share the same timeless love for one another, from affectionate nicknames such as ‘cabbage’ (Prince Philip’s nickname for Elizabeth) to being a source of strength for each other in difficult times. That the longest-reigning monarch in history found someone to devote her life to at the age of thirteen, is indeed a case of true love at first sight.

We have chosen to commemorate the 70th wedding anniversary of the Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip with a set of fine bone china. Each piece is decorated with bouquets of British flowers and rose garlands recalling the marriage of the monarch at Westminster Abbey on 20th November 1947.

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