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Our Gift-Wrapping Guide

Top 10 Tips to Achieving Beautifully Wrapped Christmas Presents.

Once you have completed your Christmas gift shopping and you have found the perfect presents for everyone on your list, the only thing remaining on your to-do-list is to do the wrapping.

To help you make the most of your time and enjoy the festivities, here at Museum Selection we have compiled our top 10 tricks and tips for wrapping your presents quickly and effectively, but keeping them as beautiful and tempting as possible.

1. Start wrapping presents early

Avoid the Christmas wrapping crunch this year and start wrapping your presents as soon as you buy them, this will give you more time to spend on wrapping individual gifts, for one-of-a-kind packages your friends and family will be delighted by. You can add the finishing touches, such as ribbons, bows, and tags later, just don’t forget to label each present with a sticky note.

2. Always work on a hard surface

Many of us make the mistake of wrapping gifts on our laps, beds or even the sofa when time is of the essence. For best results, always lay out your gift wrap on a hard, flat surface, such as a table. This is ensure that the paper is laid out smoothly and will avoid any crinkles and creases ruining the finished result.

3. Measure out how much gift wrap you need

We have all done it, we’ve cut the paper and began wrapping, only to find out the paper is the wrong size. If you use too much wrapping paper, it can make your gift look bulky with untidy folds.

Not only does this cause an annoyance, it also wastes time and gift wrap so try using a piece of ribbon or string to measure around your present, place this on the paper and cut to the desired length. You will avoid wastage and it helps your wrapping look as neat as possible.

If you have trouble cutting your paper in a straight line, mark the wrap on each edge and then fold the paper to create a crease. Simply cut along the crease to achieve a neat, straight edge, which will make the wrapping much easier and faster as all the corners will match up nicely. Alternatively, you can use a T-square ruler, available in 24 and 36-inch sizes, to help make straight cuts across wide swaths of paper.

4. Use double-sided tape

Use double sided rather than single sided sticky tape when wrapping. This way you can pull the wrap nice and tight and stick the paper together easily without fiddling around, trying to find the end of the tape. This technique of wrapping will keep your gifts looking neat, with no tape showing as well as hold in place for longer.

5. Use decorative tape instead of ribbon

Decorative tape adds a decorative touch instead of bows and ribbons. This is the perfect solution when wrapping gifts for children. They will be able to rip open the paper easily and enjoy their present. At the same time, your gift will still look beautifully decorated under the tree with the rest of the presents. You can buy patterned tape from most craft stores.

6. Use empty boxes to wrap those awkward shaped presents

It can be a frustrating task wrapping those awkwardly-shaped gifts such as a bottle of wine, soft toy or a pair of shoes. To make the process a lot faster of simpler, place the item in an empty, clean box, such as a cereal box or shoe box. This will make it easy to wrap, as well as saving you time. This trick will also help to make the presents look uniform and neat under the tree.

If you do not have any cardboard boxes spare, a simple trick for wrapping soft gifts and garments is to cut a piece the cardboard to size and place the item on top. The base will help you make clean corners and keep the paper from sagging or ripping.

If you have run out of boxes or cardboard, it can be costly buying ready-made gift bags. A quick and simple alternative technique is to turn your wrapping paper into to a beautiful gift bag. This ensures all your presents match under the tree all the same paper. Watch this video to learn how to turn wrapping paper into gift bags.

7. Colour-code your gifts

Colour-code your gifts for family members. Assign a different gift wrap to each person, this way you can easily identify whose presents are whose under the tree, without the use of gift tags.

If you do not have enough paper to wrap everyone’s presents individually, opt for using different coloured detailing. Assign a different coloured ribbon on tag for each person’s gift. This way you can identify everyone’s presents at a glance.

8. Turn old wrapping paper into ribbon/confetti

Don’t bin left over wrapping paper or old scraps from last year. Recycle your gift wrap by running it through a shredder and turning it into beautiful ribbon or shreds to line gift boxes and bags.

9. Make bows from left over paper

Make elegant and effective bows and decorative pieces for your presents using left over trimmings of paper. No need to costly ribbons, bows or decorations. This little trick will ensure your bows are sure to match gifts.

If you enjoy curling ribbon when decorating your gifts, always remember to do so with your scissors shut. Follow the natural curl of the ribbon when pulling it between the scissors and your thumb.

10. Store your wrapping paper

Once all your gifts have been wrapped, store all your remaining wrapping paper, ribbons, bows and left-over bits of cardboard away straight away. Store in a large garment bag that can be hung up in your wardrobe for easy access. Alternatively, you can roll up remaining wrapping paper and store in in cardboard mailing tubes and poster tubes. This will stop the paper from creasing and the edges from fraying. Don’t forget to label the tubes with what’s inside, so you don’t forget next year.

We hope you have found our top tips for gift wrapping this Christmas useful. If you have any tips of your own, please share them with us. We would love to hear from you.

If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list, read our Ultimate Gift-giving Guide for inspiration inspired by the past. You can shop our range of Christmas wrap and tags here.

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