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Museum Selection Osterhase Carousel
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Osterhase Carousel

Celebrating the German tradition of the Osterhase (Easter Hare) bringing Easter eggs, a custom first recorded in 1682: a charming, painted wooden musical carousel.
The scene rotates and plays a traditional German childrens folk tune 'A Alle Vögel sind schon da' (All the birds are already here). Music and Lyrics by Hoffmann von Fallersleben (1835).

Hand painted wood, includes a stop.
6" wide x 4" tall.
£14.99   was £29.99

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Independent Customer Reviews from Feefo

Customer Comment
Our Response
This is a delightful Easter decoration. Alas, it is also fragile and suffered from lack of careful handling when opened for examination. A number of the small parts had come off and were loose in the box. My husband thinks that he will be able to glue them in place again.
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See previous comments, The problem was caused by the packaging in the manufacturing plant.

The carousel arrived with 2 detached rabbits and no suggestions as to how the carousel top should be fitted to the mechanism underneath. I looked in vain for a pack of small screws or rods to make the connection. Nor were there any instructions.

I started repair work a week or so later, first gluing the rabbits back in position. One had a small hole in the base and in the corresponding position on the carousel, so I was able to strengthen this with a piece of cocktail stick. I simply glued the other one back into position (no holes) but then, when I moved the box, I spotted a tiny glint of metallic brass in the bottom corner. It was all that was visible of a TINY screw - which had dried glue just under the head - the rest of the screw was tucked into the cardboard folds. 2 more tiny screws were revealed when I unfolded the bottom flaps of the box, and they too had dried glue close to the head so had obviously at some stage been glued in position, and were in fact the missing parts necessary to locate the carousel on the mechanism. Unfortunately this was next to impossible once the mechanism had been boxed in, certainly with 75 year old fingers, but I made 3 locating pins from cocktail sticks and glued these into position on the underside of the revolving part of the carousel. For the time being at least the revolving part of the carousel is now joined to the clockwork mechanism.

The item itself is very attractive and I am sure our small Granddaughter will be enchanted with it. BUT .... I''m not sure how long my repairs will last. So I''m awarding 2 stars rather than the more probable 4, I shouldn''t have had to do such a tricky repair.

IF there had been no breakage AND the clockwork mechanism had allowed one or two more bars of music (seems a false economy to cut corners here!) I would have awarded 5 stars.

So, GET THE GLUE RIGHT, GET THE MECHANISM RIGHT and then you will have a 5 star item!
Each carousel arrived broken. It had been very poorly made. The screws which fit the turntable to the music mechanism are too small, and so it falls off all the time. The wooden items (rabbits, eggs, etc) on the top, are stuck on with glue and many had fallen off once they arrived. This item cost £29.99 and I expected a high quality product for this price.
See comments above. Attractive music box but a poor traveller!
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