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Celebrating the Reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

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On 9th September, Queen Elizabeth II became the longest reigning monarch in British history. In reaching this milestone, The Queen surpasses the record set by her ancestor Queen Victoria whose reign lasted for 63 years and 216 days.

Like her great-great-grandmother before her, Her Majesty asked that there be no formal celebrations on 9th September, shaped by respect for her formidable predecessor. She spent the day at Balmoral, the castle built for Queen Victoria by Prince Albert, just as Victoria herself did on the day she passed George III's record.

Working in collaboration with the Royal Collection Trust, we are celebrating this historic occasion with a collection of commemorative fine bone china. Made in England, using centuries-old techniques, each piece is decorated with 22ct gold and is presented in a gift box.

Taking inspiration from the original 1953 Coronation programme, the pieces are decorated with a newly designed coat of arms featuring a crown-topped shield supported by the English lion and Scottish unicorn, and the plant badges of the United Kingdom, the rose, thistle and shamrock. Underneath is the royal motto of England, first adopted by Henry V, 'Dieu et mon doit' (God and my right), a reference to the divine right of kings.


Commemorative Plate. Handsomely displaying the newly designed coat of arms with complementary details around the rim. 10 3/4 wide. 16663 Plate £65


Commemorative Tankard. Richly decorated with the commemorative coat of arms on both front and reverse, with details inside the rim. 3" tall. 16664 Tankard £39


Commemorative Pillbox. Decorated with the intricate coat of arms on the lid and details inside the box. 2 1/2" wide x 1 1/2" tall. 16665 Pillbox £29

Queen Elizabeth II's long reign has spanned significant technological and social change. She is the first British monarch to have sent an email, her coronation was the first to be televised, and as head of state she has seen other remarkable developments such as space flight and the discovery of DNA.

Although the Queen maintains the dignity and traditions of her role, the monarchy has relaxed to a surprising extent under her rule. Since the first televised Christmas message in 1957 the annual broadcast has become much less formal. 1970 saw the first informal royal walkabout and this proved so popular that it's now a standard feature of any royal tour.

The world has also changed; the Cold War has come and gone, many countries in Asia have emerged as increasing economic powers, and continental Europe has unified itself. There have been changes in the Commonwealth, such as the handing back of Hong Kong to China in 1997, and within the British Isles we've seen the first peacetime coalition government since the 1930's.  

The Queen's reign has also seen significant social changes, such as Britain's first female prime minister, increasing equality for women and equal marriage for same-sex couples. As a consequence, few people were surprised when the rules of succession were altered recently to remove the preference for male heirs in the line of inheritance.

In 2012 the Diamond Jubilee reaffirmed the UK's affection for the monarchy. As the Queen's immediate heirs are likely to be crowned far later in life than she was herself, it's quite possible that Elizabeth II could remain unchallenged as the longest reigning monarch this country has ever seen.

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